Now, That’s a Party!

If your political leanings include axing taxes, legalizing drugs, dismantling federal agencies, returning to the gold standard, letting gay people marry and bringing the troops home, you may want to pay attention to this little soiree: The Libertarian Party National Convention is coming to Red Rock Resort from May 3-6.

The nation’s third-largest political party (which turns 40 this year) will select its presidential nominee—likely to be former Republican New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, who switched parties in December.

In addition to passionately picking a candidate they know won’t beat the D’s and R’s, the 700 delegates representing 250,000 diverse registered voters will also talk smack about the Fed, espouse dreamy theories of individualism and freedom, and, like any good group of conventioneers in Las Vegas, eat, drink and be merry … but not on the taxpayers’ dime, GSA!

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