Satirical Meta Irony!


Credit the Los Angeles Times with documenting how the national media always gets Las Vegas wrong by reporting it from a Starbucks near the Strip: “Unable to resist gambling metaphors, commentators insist that America’s once-swaggering devil-may-care mecca has rolled an ugly pair of economic snake eyes.” But in its story on Las Vegas “pining for a little respect,” the Times chooses to rehash every negative label attached to the city over the past few years. Thanks for nothing!

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Reason to Believe

Editor's Note

Reason to Believe

By Greg Blake Miller

On April 28, my grandmother, Lillian Dubin, turns 100. I have been blessed with a lifetime of her warmth, her stories, her example: kindness amid adversity, good humor in the face of time’s thousand slights, a gentle contentment that signifies not complacency but an appreciation of the long view. One day not long ago, we went out to the yard of her assisted-living facility and sat together beneath the noontime sun. Grandma looked upward, closed her eyes; her soft skin became luminous with the light, with delight.