Satirical Meta Irony!


Credit the Los Angeles Times with documenting how the national media always gets Las Vegas wrong by reporting it from a Starbucks near the Strip: “Unable to resist gambling metaphors, commentators insist that America’s once-swaggering devil-may-care mecca has rolled an ugly pair of economic snake eyes.” But in its story on Las Vegas “pining for a little respect,” the Times chooses to rehash every negative label attached to the city over the past few years. Thanks for nothing!

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By Geoff Carter

My e-mail accounts look like the inside of my head: organized but overwhelmed, and filled with unimportant stuff that sometimes gets in the way of the stuff that I actually need. I don’t know why I signed up for all these e-mail newsletters from Amazon and Dell and so on, but now I get the damn things every single day and I pretty much ignore them all, even if I feel like I might actually want to buy something from one of those retailers.