Satirical Meta Irony!


Credit the Los Angeles Times with documenting how the national media always gets Las Vegas wrong by reporting it from a Starbucks near the Strip: “Unable to resist gambling metaphors, commentators insist that America’s once-swaggering devil-may-care mecca has rolled an ugly pair of economic snake eyes.” But in its story on Las Vegas “pining for a little respect,” the Times chooses to rehash every negative label attached to the city over the past few years. Thanks for nothing!

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Bargains at CityCenter?

Tony Dennis is either brave, foolish or simply playing the role of enthusiastic salesman. It may be a case of all three. The executive vice president of CityCenter Residences recently revealed more price reductions at CityCenter’s Veer and Mandarin Oriental towers—another 10 percent in addition to the 30 percent clipped upon opening in 2010, plus cash incentives like paid taxes and HOA fees reaching another 15 percent over time.