Justin case, Mayweather brings his good-luck charms

Going into what Floyd Mayweather would eventually describe as the toughest fight of his career, his escorts to the ring could, in theory, have been goofier. Assuming Rip Taylor, Jerry Lewis circa 1949 and Mushmouth from Fat Albert were available.

Apparently they weren’t, because on May 5, the pound-for-pound best fighter on the planet marched into the ring at MGM Grand Garden Arena flanked by legit rapper Lil Wayne; Vitamin Water spokesman, we-think-he’s-still-a-rapper and BFF 50 Cent; professional fight faker Triple H; and Justin Bieber.

No, there’s not some up-and-coming flyweight coincidentally also named Justin Bieber. It was that Bieber. And he got to carry two of Mayweather’s belts.

Come on, Mayweather should have at least made him throw a punch in anger to earn the right. He should have had Bieber square off with someone in his weight class and of equal ability, like a slightly lumpy pillow, or a Hefty bag filled with room-temperature pho. Or at least Bruno Mars.

Still, whatever mental “If he’s willing to bring Bieber to the ring, how much is he not scared of me?” jiu-jitsu Mayweather was employing must have worked, as he won a unanimous decision over Miguel Cotto. If there’s ever a fight with Manny Pacquiao, Mayweather will have to step up his game, though. He’ll have to come in with two adorable puppies and Blue Ivy Carter.

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