Menounos, Hough do poolside boogie

When it came to throwing a Cinco de Mayo party, Mandalay Bay knew exactly who to turn to: The Greeks.

Daughter of Greek immigrants Maria Menounos and Dancing With the Stars partner Derek Hough hit the pool to honor, in their own personal way, General Ignacio Zaragoza Seguín’s victory over the forces of France in 1862. And also to look like they’re an item, even though she denies they’re an item.

Menounos, who’s been dating producer Keven Undergaro for more than 10 years, has shared a couple of onstage kisses with Hough on the show in recent weeks. They did some frolicking at the pool, and he wore a pair of sunglasses that matched her lime-green bikini. You know who else dresses to match? People celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary at places like Disneyland. And also Ice-T and Coco. We rest our case.

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