Santana celebrates residency with mud

Normally when a House of Blues is opened, a box full of Mississippi Delta mud is welded to the stage in order to, we guess, confer some sort of mojo on the building via the Indian burial ground-like mystical powers of dirt that should be covering Muddy Waters and Blind Willie McTell. Look, the point is, don’t bury someone under a House of Blues stage hoping to bring him back. We’ve seen Pet Semetary. We know how this all ends.

When Carlos Santana kicked off his residency May 4, House of Blues co-founder Dan Aykroyd and Woodstock co-founder Michael Lang combined mud from the Delta, Woodstock, N.Y., and Santana’s birthplace of Autlán de Navarro, Mexico, to consecrate the show.

The wad of earth will go on display in the venue, in case you feel the need to go ogle some dirt. If the vengeful spirits do start making a ruckus, at least a Ghostbuster will be around to take care of it.

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