The Skinny on Skinny

The Ragin’ Bull, as served at Wynn & Encore Resort Pools, $15

Maintaining your healthiest weight doesn’t mean that you have to turn in your dance card or eschew adult beverages altogether. It does, however, mean that in addition to watching what you eat, you’ll have to start paying attention to what’s in your glass. Lately, there’s been no shortage of products on the market touting the “skinny” drink lifestyle—Bethenny Frankel’s Skinny Girl line, Funkin cocktail mixers and Tres Agaves’ certified organic margarita mix are just three—and websites such as can help you track your intake, but you can also do it on your own.

A 1½-ounce serving of 80-proof vodka hovers around 96 calories. Add soda water and a squeeze of lemon, and you’re home free! But inevitably you’ll crave more flavor and luxury than an anemic vodka soda can provide. Fortunately, many bars on the Strip offer a skinny-cocktail selection, with some even curating an entire menu of low-calorie drinks so you don’t even have to lift a finger, Princess.

The hottest name in skinny sipping is Voli Lyte vodka (, which comes in at 74 calories for 1½ ounces and about 80 calories for the lemon, orange-vanilla, pear-vanilla, espresso-vanilla and raspberry-cocoa flavors. On the rocks or coupled with one of the skinny mixers out there, Voli presents a great way to dramatically tame your cocktail calories.

It’s $24 for Lyte and lemon, $27 other flavors, at Total Wine & More. Or ask for it at Aria and Wynn Resorts.


This poolside refresher, created by property mixologist Patricia Richards, comes in at a cool 124 calories! Fill a 16-ounce plastic pool cup with ice. Build cocktail by adding 2 ounces Voli lemon vodka, 1½ ounces cranberry juice, a splash fresh lime juice and top with 4 ounces sugar-free Red Bull. Stir gently to combine, and garnish with lemon and lime wheels.

If you’re a little more flexible, also try Richards’ Southern Bell ($14), which pairs Voli Lyte vodka with fresh mint leaves, Firefly Skinny Tea vodka, lemon and agave syrup for a tidy 204 calories.

Skinny Minis

If you’re throwing a party at home this summer and you don’t want to muck about with fruit or even ice for that matter, you’ll like this. Selling well under banners that proclaim, “Prepare yourself. Not your drink,” New Zealand’s VnC premixed and ready-to-serve bottled cocktails are rolling out all over the Valley. They are made with natural ingredients and all fall below the 150-calorie benchmark of skinny-dom. Try the 750-mililiter or 1-liter bottles in eight flavors, including pomegranate cosmo, passion-fruit caiproska and vodka mojito, as well as the skinny minis, petite 200-mililiter bottles that come with their own little plastic cup. So much classier than a red Solo. $16 1-liter bottle at Albertsons, $5 200-mililiter bottles at all MGM Resorts stores,

Waist Not, Want Not

The makers of Sensa have created a powdered vitamin-energy drink called Quench with zero sugar, 10 calories and lots of flavor. Try the little purse-friendly packets with low-calorie spirits such as Voli Lyte vodka on ladies night. Flavors include orange crush, pink grapefruit and berry splash. You can buy 30 packets for $28 at

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