Tour Buzz

COLDPARTY: I’ve heard the Irish band Snow Patrol described a bunch of ways (often as “that one band that kinda sounds like Coldplay”), but I’ve never heard them called a “party” band. Until now. “Every concert should be as joyous,” enthused National Post reviewer Maryam Siddiqi of the band’s April 17 show in Toronto. Siddiqi praised Snow Patrol for encouraging audience participation, playing faithful renditions of their hits and even embarrassing an audience member who looked pissed. (“If you’re happy, tell your face,” singer Gary Lightbody reportedly said.) Sounds like Snow Patrol is exactly the team of hard-partying maniacs we need at the Boulevard Pool in the Cosmopolitan on May 12 ($48).

THE RETURN: During the great college radio boom of the ’80s, bands that sounded like the Drums became so plentiful that MTV created an show, called 120 Minutes, to contain their spacy synthesizers and Smiths-like twangy reverb. The Drums’ chirpy postpunk is kind of quaint—I’ve been down this road before, many times, with everyone from A House to Blur—but goddamn it, it’s still a fun sound and the Drums have a knack for it. See them at Body English at the Hard Rock Hotel on May 13 ($22).

NOW ON SALE: I’d like to thank author Neil Gaiman for supplying me with one of my go-to phrases, “pure sex in bluejeans.” And there’s no better way to describe the Scissor Sisters. This New York dance-rock band embodies that phrase in its every aspect, with a pure, sexy disco sound that evokes the coconut-oiled excesses of the Me Decade while remaining as unpretentious and universal as a well-broken in pair of Levi’s. Here’s another band that should have a Vegas residency (just imagine what Cirque could do with “Tits on the Radio”), but we can settle for seeing them play House of Blues on June 15 ($27-$31).