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Want to get away and improve your health? These resorts are designed to help you do both.

Studies show that in the United States by 2020, 83 percent of men and 72 percent of women will be overweight or obese. But another trend offers hope, and it’s associated with a traditionally unlikely fitness activity: vacation. In the past few years, more health resorts are being built in gorgeous places around the world with this mission: Hijack the lifestyle to which we’ve grown accustomed and kick our behinds into something tauter. From intense three-day triathlon-training programs to high-gear fitness routines, these retreats provide crash courses on maintaining a healthier lifestyle, one vacationers can take home with them.

Within five hours of Las Vegas are several health resorts in serene spots where you won’t mind breaking a massive sweat. And, yes, all of the resorts offer traditional spa pampering, too.

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