Red Mountain Resort Packages Relaxation

The silence actually hurts my ears the first night I arrive to Red Mountain Resort in Ivins, Utah. Coming from Las Vegas, where even in a remote area, there is still some sort of noise, the silence here is nearly deafening.

And beautiful.

I need this trip. I know I do. The stress has been mounting, and the promise of time tucked safely between terracotta-covered rocks jutting from lava field dotted with mint green desert brush sounds like the perfect cure — a world away from Luxor’s light beam.

For Tracey Welsh, general manager of Red Mountain Resort, that’s the goal. To get people away from what they’re used to and put themselves in someone else’s hands. With only a finite amount of time each year to turn off the brain and tune into ourselves, sometimes a weekend away is exactly what we need.

Even the two-hour drive to the resort, which has garnered nearly every award for its services, is beautiful and sets the scene for the spectacular landscape awaiting visitors at Red Mountain.

While the resort is known for its health services, it’s also an ideal escape avenue when a staycation just won’t cut it. It is a hub of relaxation and quiet where at night, the stars twinkle, and by day, the only views are of nature.

The resort — which offers all-inclusive packages that include daily guided hikes for all levels, classes (fitness, nutrition, cooking and more), meals, plus special add-ons like spa treatments, outdoor adventures and new age experiences — allows guests to create their weekends, whether you’re looking for relaxation, adventure or a swift kick in the rear to start a new healthy lifestyle.

The perfect weekend itinerary?

Friday night: Start off with a massage. It’s the perfect start to a weekend where your focus shifts to being taken care of. Then, head off to a healthy dinner. If you’re looking to meet others, there is a community table where guests can sit together and get to know each other.

Saturday morning: Wake-up early to watch the sun wash over the terracotta-colored rocks outside the window, then sign up for one of the morning guided walks, whether it be a simple stroll or a more challenging run/hike. Then, head over to the fitness center for some relaxing yoga before lunch. Or learn how to make a new healthy dish in one of the cooking classes.

Saturday afternoon:  Take another class, or book an outdoor adventure like biking or exploring the nearby Virgin River. Or simply grab a book and head out to one of the hammocks to breathe in the fresh air. Just make sure to make some time for you.

Saturday evening: After dinner, settle in for a movie in the community room, or listen to some live guitar before heading into the hot tub for some stargazing.

Sunday morning: Head out for another guided hike, or to do some personal discovery with a walk through the lava fields of the Inspiration Trail or a circle through the Labyrinth. Then, pack up the car and head back to town a refreshed and renewed person.

And, trust me, that silence that was first so deafening? By the time you’re ready to come home, it will be beautiful.

Getting there: Head up I-15 north to St. George, Utah. Take Bluff Street, Exit 6 and follow Bluff Street North approximately 3.9 miles. Stay right and follow signs towards
Ivins. Turn left at Snow Canyon Parkway and follow for 3.3 miles. Red Mountain Resort is on your right.