All in the numbers at the Palms

It’s the end of two eras at the Palms—the era of an old Maloof family staple right on the casino floor, and the era of the N9NE Group being the only nightlife operators on the premises.

OK, technically, the ONE Group’s venue (apparently they only allow companies with numbers for names in there), Heraea, won’t be a nightclub. It will, however, be a “sports-themed restaurant and lounge.” Which we guess means highlights of the Mets failing, set to an energetic house beat.

The new spot will have DJs and a stage for live performances. But it’s also an interesting bit of competition for N9NE. ONE Group, which also has STK at the Cosmopolitan, is pushing aggressively into the nightlife market with Bagatelle, the pool-and-nightclub complex opening this summer at the Tropicana.

There’s still no word on what will replace Playboy Club. And both Rain and Moon have long been the subject of renovation rumors. It could be quiet times on the property if both those clubs were being redesigned at the same time, with just Ghostbar on one hand and a Deadmau5 track thumping along over a SportsCenter repeat to keep people company on the other.

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