Barbecue Salmon with Japanese Eggplant, Koi Las Vegas

To celebrate May as National Barbecue Month, this new, full-flavored addition to the menu begins with a salmon filet that is grilled, then topped with a spicy eggplant mixture, ponzu dressing and Asian barbecue sauce. It then gets a garnish of toasted sesame seeds, green onions and shredded nori.

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Frank Pellegrino Jr.

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Frank Pellegrino Jr.

By Cate Weeks

Go ahead, says Frank Pellegrino Jr., cut those corners. Bottled lemon juice? Yeah, it’s in his fridge. He’s been known to forget to buy fresh lemons. And though he definitely won’t argue with a die-hard outdoor chef about the loss of flavor on a gas grill, who wants to coddle the coals when you could be having a conversation?