The Cheat Sheet


“Nothing is true in Las Vegas,” declares the nameplate of Porcelain Bomb, a Vegas-centered culture and news aggregate blog that’s come out of nowhere to become one of my most visited Vegas bookmarks. The format is familiar to regulars of the Huffington Post or Drudge Report—a kind of broadsheet, piled high and deep with links to off-site stories—but while Porcelain Bomb doesn’t reinvent the wheel, it’s undeniably cool to see all of Las Vegas’ news sources, all of them with something unique to add to the conversation, hanging out in one place—even if it’s likely happening against their will. Prominent links at the top of the page lead to 30-day arts calendars and pieces drawn from, and a tiny link at the bottom of the page brings up a photo of a topless woman with stickers of the site’s ornate logo covering her nipples. Talk about total coverage. Nothing may be true in Las Vegas, but that only means that everything is … and Porcelain Bomb is endeavoring to cover that One True Vegas in all its lewd and sticky grandeur.