The Pearl at The Palms, May 11

Creed took the audience on a nostalgic trip to 1999 by playing their best-selling album, Human Clay, in the exact track order. Vocalist Scott Stapp never sounded better and lead guitarist Mark Tremonti delivered some wicked guitar solos, which breathed new life into their old songs. The quartet also brought along a touring guitarist who beefed up their sound and added some powerful backing vocals to hits such as “Higher” and “What If.”

Creed performed a few of their other greatest hits, including the title track from their debut, My Own Prison, and a couple from their third record, Weathered (including a show-closing encore of the Grammy-nominated “My Sacrifice”). However, they totally ignored their 2009 release.

The band seemed to have had a blast reliving the songs that made them one of the most commercially successful acts of the late ’90s and early 2000s. But it’s a new decade now, and Creed is writing a new album. Do they still have what it takes to create popular songs? Who knows? But it almost doesn’t matter because their classic hits will likely sustain them for many tours to come. ★★★☆☆

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By Cindi Moon Reed

Before the official grand opening of Carlos Santana’s new residency, the Grammy winner participated in an “earth-based ceremony.” It consisted of pouring mud into a bowl that would then be placed in the venue. Santana poured mud from Mexico (representing his hometown of Autlán de Navarro); House of Blues co-founder Dan Aykroyd poured mud from Mississippi (representing the blues); and Woodstock co-founder Michael Lang poured mud from the festival site (representing the legendary 1969 event where Santana played).