Drizzy Brings the Heat to Tao

The hip-hop equivalent of Zac Efron sipping a flat Diet Coke, Drake, was at Tao on May 11 for his official after-party to an MGM Grand Garden Arena concert that we assume put no more than 13 percent of its audience to sleep.

Drizzy did a medley of hits, including all of “The Motto,” while J. Cole and Marley Marl took over his dance floor table. The club sent over yarmulkes, because Drake did his “HYFR” video about a bar mitzvah. Just in case you didn’t believe us that he was boring.

Why stop there though? Why not try to make music videos out of “Drake Waiting for an Oil Change?” Or “Drake Running Into the Home Depot to Pick Up Wall Anchors”? And who could forget that nonstop party banger, “Drake Idly Browsing Amazon on a Rainy Sunday While He’s Kind of Hungover”?

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