The Expats

A move to Luxembourg for her husband’s career is a good reason for CIA officer Kate Moore to leave her life of secrets behind and reinvent herself as an expat, shuttling kids to school and lunching with other expat moms. But when Kate notices suspicious behavior from some new friends, she’s not sure if her past is catching up with her, or if her husband has been keeping secrets of his own. The Expats (Crown, $26) by Chris Pavone is a fast-paced and exciting thriller. I found myself reading faster than I wanted to, just to find out what was going to happen next.

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The Five-Year Engagement

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The Five-Year Engagement

By Tribune Media Services

(R) ★★★★☆ Believe it or not, this is actually a quality, enjoyable rom-com, starring Jason Segal and the fabulous Emily Blunt. Bay Area chef Tom (Segal) proposes to Violet (Blunt), but when she gets into the Ph.D. program at University of Michigan, Tom has to relocate and settle for a deli job. Fate conspires to keep wedding plans in the distance. Everything here is top notch, including cinematography and the script that Segal co-wrote.