Patridge reminds us she exists

Star of the long-running reality show The Hills and not-so-long-running reality show Audrina, Audrina Patridge, doesn’t come around as much as she used to. But when she does, she comes in a bikini.

So really, we’re all winners here.

Patridge was at Wet Republic on May 12 for her 27th birthday. Because apparently there wasn’t a direct-to-DVD movie being filmed somewhere over the weekend. It’s hard to believe it was only the July before last when Patridge was spotted at Surrender with Corey Bohan. Back then, she was only starting her third go-round with the BMX rider. We figured by 2012 that relationship would be in its 14th or 15th iteration, minimum.

Somehow, though, they’ve stayed together this whole time (or at least stopped tipping the media during their natural breakup and reconciliation cycles). Bohan was with Patridge for the party, along with nine other friends, while a stunned crowd looked on, collectively wondering to themselves, “Seriously? How has this broad not been in Playboy yet? Is that even possible? Hef never would’ve allowed this to happen 30 years ago.”

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