Raquel Sanchez

Account executive at the Ferraro Group (by day) and Puma Crew SF All Style dancer (by night), age 32


Photo be Danielle DeBruno

What she’s wearing now: Tunay Ink T-shirt designed by Flygirl, black tights, Carlos of New Edge Clothing custom graffiti hat, handkerchief and Adidas shell toes.

Fashion motto: “Fun, funky and functional. Anything unique that represents one’s true style and personality.” Dancing and fashion are a major part of Sanchez’s life. “When I was young, I learned from my mother and aunt who custom-made my outfits and taught me to sew. They instilled in me valuable and creative styling tips such as how to manipulate and reconstruct clothing,” she says. Always adding flavor to her outfits, “I created ventilation in my top so that when I dance, I’m not hella hot. Plus, I can show off my tattoo.”