This Romantic Tragedy

Sanctuary, May 11

The small stage almost couldn’t contain this local sextet’s energy as they screamed their brand of post-hard-core punk to their teenage fans. A mini mosh pit formed as angst-filled singer Sean Neumann—covered in the band’s usual glow-in-the-dark tribal paint—encouraged the crowd to get hyped. “Come on guys,” he screamed. “If I don’t see every one of you up here by the stage, we won’t play!”

The Extreme Thing veterans played several songs from their 2011 album, Reborn, filling the venue with powerful vocals, screams and hard-core guitar riffs. Neumann’s melodic voice, vocalist Chad Dague’s tormented, screaming lyrics and the rest of the band’s driving sound made for an incredible performance. If you missed it, you may soon get another chance. The band is booking summer tours. ★★★☆☆

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