Snow Patrol

Boulevard Pool at The Cosmopolitan, May 12

In romantic-comedy screenwriting, it’s called the “race to the airport” scene. Guy loses girl, realizes he must win her back, but she’s leaving town so he races to the airport, catches her just in time and they live happily ever after. All the while, a sweet, sappy, tear-jerking powerhouse of a song is playing in the background.

Snow Patrol has the perfect song for the “race to the airport” scene. It’s called … every song they’ve ever written. The Brit rockers—originally formed in Scotland, currently of Ireland—are masters of emotional manipulation. They combine swooping romantic epics with tunes that are just rocking enough to appeal to a broad audience. It’s a brilliant formula. One that on Saturday night was undermined by a too-low sound and a stage that singer Gary Lightbody said was too high to connect with the audience. He fixed the second problem by walking into the crowd. And by the time the band performed monster hits “Run” and “Chasing Cars” in the middle of the main set (one should have been held for the encore), it was tough not to find yourself racing to whatever airport was in your mind. ★★★☆☆

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By Cindi Moon Reed

Before the official grand opening of Carlos Santana’s new residency, the Grammy winner participated in an “earth-based ceremony.” It consisted of pouring mud into a bowl that would then be placed in the venue. Santana poured mud from Mexico (representing his hometown of Autlán de Navarro); House of Blues co-founder Dan Aykroyd poured mud from Mississippi (representing the blues); and Woodstock co-founder Michael Lang poured mud from the festival site (representing the legendary 1969 event where Santana played).