Tour Buzz

HARD ROCK REGGAE: There’s just something about Vegas’ bathwater-warm summer nights that cries out for roots reggae, and on May 19, Don Carlos will answer that cry. If his name sounds familiar, that’s because he was a member of influential reggae group Black Uhuru—both the original version that formed in 1972, and in one of two bands named Black Uhuru that toured in 1996. (Later, Carlos’ former bandmate Derrick “Duckie” Simpson sued Carlos for control of Black Uhuru’s name and image; Carlos lost.) Carlos is reggae royalty, and even if the biography on the man’s own website confesses that his popularity peaked in the ’80s, he’s still a consummate talent with stories to tell and songs to sing into the warm desert air. See him poolside at the Hard Rock Hotel ($43).

NO WORRIES: We forgive Elton John for writing “Hakuna Matata.” He’s earned it. He’s fought to eliminate AIDS, and he has continued to write new music even though no one would object if he cashed in. (His new record, The Diving Board, comes out next year.) And oh yeah, he’s written about a million classic songs, many of which he’ll play May 17-20 and 24-27 in his Million Dollar Piano show at Caesars Palace ($55-$500). Elton gives you a bucket of hits for your money—everything from “Rocket Man” to “Bennie and the Jets”—and any one of those songs is a potent tonic against that Lion King earworm, which I’ll wager is stuck in your head even now.

NOW ON SALE: Say it isn’t so: Daryl Hall and John Oates won’t be performing any new material at The Joint this Sept. 20 (tickets start at $45), for the melancholy reason that they’re reportedly not writing any at the moment. But I suppose we can accept several decades’ worth of top-10 hits and game-changing rock/soul fusion as a consolation prize. I guess that would be all right.