Apex Now Burning Garbage for Power

Last spring we took you on a virtual tour of the Apex Regional Landfill, noting along the way how un-landfill like it looks, how much it generally doesn’t stink and how proud you can be that it would soon be producing “green” energy by capturing and burning the gas that emanates from
deep within its bowels.

Well, to update that story, we note that Apex is now officially in the business of generating power. They held a ribbon cutting for their new 12-megawatt power station May 17, which was attended by a lot of high-level mucky-mucks from Republic Services (the garbage folks), Energetic (the power-generating people), NV Energy (needs no introduction) and chamber of commerce types. Lunch, by the way, was excellent. The best we’ve ever had at a dump.

You can now officially feel good about the fact Apex is home to the nation’s 10-largest garbage-to-power operations and that your trash will provide enough juice for 10,000 homes when the system is fully operational.