Arising Tide

The Bunkhouse Saloon, May 18

This local modern rock band hit the outdoor stage for the second night of the Spring Rock-A-Thon (a three-day music fest sponsored by Vegas Rocks! magazine). They played with the power of a tsunami, and the current of music took me for quite a ride. The songs ranged from a tidal force of fast-driving frenzied beats to chilled-out grooves, placing Arising Tide’s sound somewhere between early Incubus and The Mars Volta.

Lead vocalist Pj Transmil sang with a powerful voice and deep conviction as she flew around the stage. Drummer Rob Hau orchestrated the time changes that kept me guessing. Bassist Brandon Duffney added aggressive background vocals to the heavier songs, and guitarist Jimmy Andrews flowed nicely between heavy and clean rhythms.

Arising Tide snuck in a cover of “The Warmth” by Incubus into the middle of their all-original set. Transmil, who hails from the Philippines and has experienced her share of cold and tough times, said that the uplifting song meant a lot to her because everyone needs to feel the warmth in their lives.

Arising Tide is an exciting and fun band to see live and we recommend that you catch “The Tide,” as fans call them, in the very near future. ★★★☆☆

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