In the dark, no one can see you dribble …

You and 49 new friends, dining on a three-course meal with paired wine and all the conversation that comes with it. It would be a typical night out in Las Vegas if the participants weren’t all blindfolded. I thoroughly enjoyed the recent test-run of the Eclipse Dark Dining Experience, set to launch June 7 at the Artisan’s Mood Restaurant. Voluntarily giving up our sense of sight, “The smells tend to be stronger, the flavors tend to be different,” says Darnell Lester Jr., managing partner of the Vegas Squared Media Group. “We want you to use all of your senses—except for sight.” The two-hour prix-fixe affair costs $80, and you choose from a meat, seafood or vegetarian menu. Or, like me, you can request the chef’s choice, a mixture of the above. Not knowing whether you’re eating fish, fowl or fruit can really throw you off your game! But while the menu was delicious—I dined (with my hands, mostly) on barbecued shrimp, pan-seared chicken breast and white-chocolate bread pudding—we could have been served Fruit Loops, and we still would have had the same hilarious, loud and somewhat messy dinner. My only suggestion to Lester: Wet-Naps, please!