Five reasons North Las Vegans should worry …

1. Your officials were expecting a budget deficit of “only” $15.5 million for fiscal year 2012-13. The actual figure is closer to $33 million.

2. To close the gap, your City Council plans to lay off 100 police-department employees. You have the highest crime rate in the county.

3. Fiscal 2012 will be the third year in a row for layoffs.

4. Tim Hacker, your new city manager as of September, has already run afoul of your notoriously nasty union politics. The firefighter’s union is calling him a liar.

5. The state is watching and still may take over if your officials can’t get their fiscal house in order.

And two reasons they shouldn’t …

1. Craig Ranch Regional Park will be awesome, even if you have to pay to play.

2. Las Vegas or Clark County may just step in and annex the place.



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