It’s a Doll’s Life

In 2009, Morgan Lynn got a boob job that changed her life.

As a single mother, Lynn, then 23, had been too busy supporting and raising her children to waste time Web-surfing. Then, while healing from her surgery, still in bandages and incapable of doing strenuous housework, she discovered YouTube and quickly decided to join the party. And so, Las Vegas Barbie was born.

“I’ve always been called Barbie because I’m tall (5-foot-9) and blond.”

So when Lynn was concocting an Internet identity, her first thought was Malibu Barbie. “Then I thought, ‘Las Vegas Barbie. How funny is that?’”

She posted her first video in July 2009. About a year later she hit the benchmarks necessary to land a YouTube partnership: about 200,000 views and 10,000 subscribers. Now, she earns a penny per hit, which adds up to an average monthly income of $4,000. The hits figure to keep on coming after she appears in the Ron Howard-produced reality show The Great Escape (she recently filmed an episode in Tucson, Ariz., that’s scheduled to air this summer).

As for her videos, Lynn admits they’re a bit of a bait-and-switch routine. For instance, her most popular video is called “How to Make Your Cum Taste Good.” It has fetched a million and a half hits, but it’s actually about the health benefits of pineapples—which, she’s heard, can also sweeten semen. Lynn feels justified in the deceit. “It’s for their own benefit,” she says of her viewers clicking on naughty titles to learn such things as how to survive a breakup or how to get out of the friend zone. “I get so much positive feedback. People will say, ‘That video you just put out is exactly what I needed.’” That doesn’t mean she shies away from sexy subjects. Recently, in response to a viewer’s question, she uploaded a video titled “The Female O,” a serious consideration of exactly that.

Lynn is also a massage therapist—she doesn’t share this with her fans, for fear they’ll assume the worst. “I took anatomy, pathology and kinesiology. I studied cadavers. I’m a professional licensed massage therapist. No happy endings.”

The daughter of a king-crab fisherman captain and a hairstylist, Lynn was born in Kodiak, Alaska, and moved to Oregon at the age of 7 when her parents split. She moved to Reno at 14 and then to Vancouver, Wash. At 16, she became pregnant and studied to finish high school early before pursuing a business degree from Clark College in Vancouver. At 18, she came to Las Vegas and attended the Nevada School of Massage Therapy.

In the YouTube jungle, Lynn knows she always needs to up the ante. When her children pleaded for a family pet, she purchased a 10-week old serval—an extremely intelligent African wildcat. She’s going to train it—and then she’s going to make it an Internet star.