Tour Buzz

NO LOVE YOU’D CALL REAL: The reviews for Van Halen’s current tour, which erupts into the MGM Grand on May 27 ($36-$163) are, ah, mixed. And it shouldn’t be too surprising that 57-year-old frontman David Lee Roth, the man who puts the “HUH!” in “hubris,” is taking most of the punches. “No one should have expected the once-flamboyant showman to move stiffly like a wax figure on a Lazy Susan,” wrote the Miami Herald’s Howard Cohen of the band’s April 11 show. And writer Andrew Eide tears down the idol in his review of Van Halen’s May 5 Tacoma, Wash., show: “He tried to rekindle the sexual innuendo from Van Halen’s past, only to have it feel as though you were watching your inappropriate creepy uncle leer awkwardly at young girls.” On the positive side, all the reviews say that Eddie Van Halen still shreds, and the classic songs still have a high kick. (Even if Dave doesn’t.)

YO! COMMUNITY RAPS: I assume I don’t have to tell you to watch the NBC comedy Community, because I know that you’re already a superfan with your very own blanket fort and Inspector Spacetime bathrobe and bowler hat. (If nothing I just wrote made any sense, you need to bump everything from your Netflix queue and get current.) But you may like to know that Childish Gambino, the rap alter ego of Community’s hilariously funny Donald Glover, is doing a poolside show at the Cosmopolitan on May 27—and at $42, this is one you can’t afford to pass up. Glover/Gambino has a terrific flow, and his lyrics are as playfully raw as they come. (“An elephant never forgets, so my dick remembers everything,” he brags in “Freaks and Geeks.”) See Gambino now, before the world figures out just how awesome Glover really is.

NOW ON SALE: The genre-bending tornado that is Beck hits the Pearl on Aug. 8. Tickets begin at $49, and judging from the Beck shows I’ve seen in the past, it’s a sound investment. The man never learned how to be boring.