Foxx gets some sun

Maybe dubstep wasn’t Jamie Foxx’s bag, but he turned up at Rehab on May 27 along with Ne-Yo, Sean Kingston, Nipsey Hussle and Carmello Anthony. Foxx kept it going straight through to Vanity for the Rehab after-party, where he was pouring out al-al-al-al-al-alcohol to girls in front of the DJ booth. He probably also made them listen to that song, too. Bad trade off, all things considered.

Charlize Theron was spotted at Spago on May 26 for lunch celebrating a friend’s birthday. Two Academy Award winners in one weekend. Can we get three?

Let’s see … no. Judd Apatow went to see Criss Angel Believe on May 26 (maybe he enjoys unintentional comedy as well) with wife Leslie Mann and their children, Iris and Maude. Angel gave the kids magic kits backstage. We hope Apatow signed a couple of Funny People DVDs in an exchange of “crap no one wants to own under any circumstances.”

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Dunst busts moves


Dunst busts moves

By Jason Scavone

Kirsten Dunst, friends with the caps-lock-challenged DJ DiJiTAL, popped into Hyde on May 18 to watch her friend spin while rolling sans boyfriend Garrett Hedlund. She turned up about 1 a.m. and danced until 4, requesting songs from Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen. We can’t wait to get famous so we can annoy a club full of people by requesting non-dance songs on a Friday night. Everyone else is going to be super-psyched to hear a whole bunch of REO Speedwagon and Molly Hatchet, right?