The next Mrs. Diddy

Ah, the end of spring and the start of summer. When a young Diddy’s mind turns to thoughts of romance. You can almost hear the swelling crescendo of strings to go along with a thumping Hitmen beat and well-placed Biggie sample underneath.

Diddy’s Black & White Affair made its final stop, after Cannes and Miami, at Chateau on May 27. His Royal Diddyness hopped in the booth with Biz Markie, when he wasn’t busy pouring out shots of (you guessed it) Cîroc for partiers.

However, he did say he wanted to find a girl to get hitched to in the club. “I’m going to marry somebody tonight,” he said. “No prenup; I just want you to live well.” Oh Diddy, we know you’re such a kidder. Of course there would be a prenup.

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