Pop-up Art

Famous for its signature toys, accessories and street apparel, Kidrobot partnered with London-based design studio I Love Dust to create a line of limited-edition city T-shirts. Each city with a Kidrobot boutique has a custom design—so now Las Vegas is in the company of London, San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. $55, Kidrobot, The Cosmopolitan, 698-7670.

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Dana Wagner

My Object of Affection

Dana Wagner

“The sportsbook in my home is a converted bedroom that has four televisions, and I use it only 17 days a year: NFL Sundays. I love the NFL. I love to watch the games and bet on them. I can be in there alone and have a great time. Other days, friends will come over and add to the experience. It’s full of memorabilia—things from professional sports, college sports and the more mundane. For instance, my wife Kim’s third-place medal from a skating competition when she was 8 may be my favorite.”