Shrimp and Grits, American Fish

Grits are a peculiar foodstuff that is oft abused in the wrong hands. American Fish gets grits right—creamy, buttery and soulful, infused with flavor thanks to an intense shrimp stock. The shrimp themselves are tender and juicy, served with Serrano ham and jalapeño, which slices nicely into the rich texture of the grits.

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The British are Here


The British are Here

By Max Jacobson

Gordon Ramsay swept into town this month with a TV-star attitude, bodyguards and a swagger rarely seen from anyone in his profession. Two of the most famous chefs in the world, Guy Savoy and Joël Robuchon, mentored him, not to mention the legendary English chef Marco Pierre White. So when a man like Ramsay opens a restaurant in your hood, he damn well better deliver. I’m here to tell you he does. Max’s Menu Picks British ale onion soup, $17. Fish and chips, $44.