Daily Broke: Spurs +5 at Thunder

When the Spurs woke up a week ago today, they were riding a 20-game winning streak, were up
2-0 in this best-of-seven Western Conference finals series against Oklahoma City and sported a 60-16 record for the season — a season that featured not a single three-game losing streak and just one two-game skid in exactly four months. What a difference a week makes, huh? After dropping the last three games, San Antonio suddently finds itself on the ropes taking one uppercut to the jaw after another. Will the Thunder land the knockout blow tonight in Game 6? Maybe, maybe not. This much I’m confident in, though: The Spurs won’t crumple to the canvas without first landing a few haymakers. This is too proud (not to mention too talented) a franchise to throw in the towel — especially when they know they’re every bit as good as Oklahoma City.

Just look at the final scores of the last two games: 109-103 and 108-103. The Spurs could’ve won
either contest. In fact, three of the five meetings in this series were decided by six points or less. Also, don’t forget that before turning around this series in Game 3, the Thunder had lost 10 of 11 to San Antonio. Bottom line: If the Thunder punch their first NBA Finals ticket tonight, they’re going to have to earn it with a grueling, last-possession-type victory. Note, too, that while Oklahoma City has covered the spread in each of the last three games, it hasn’t had a four-game ATS winning streak in these playoffs—and the Spurs haven’t had a four-game ATS slump since early January.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ☆

Tuesday’s Result: Celtics +8 at Heat (Win) 

Record: 12-10