The Daisy Returns

A guide for EDM fans and the uninitiated. Plus, an in-depth look at the man who started the world’s most audacious music festival

Location: Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Festival hours: 7 p.m.-5:30 a.m. June 8-10.

Expected attendance: More than 300,000 during the course of the weekend.

Tickets: As expected, EDC sold out weeks in advance. Blame scalpers for scooping up extra tickets and reselling online. Your best bet for finding tickets is via StubHub or Facebook, through people who may have had friends ditch out.

Getting there: Shuttle passes are also sold out, but you can find a new carpool buddy through the EDC-recommended

Staying away from there: Avoid Interstate 15 and Las Vegas Boulevard heading out to the Speedway. Not only will you encounter congestion as attendees head to EDC, but expect even more of a backup for a few miles heading into town when everyone leaves at the same time, causing a headache for your Monday-morning commute.

Festival details: Download the official Electric Daisy Carnival app to create your own schedule, have a handy festival map, learn about the DJs and more.

EDC Week: The first EDMbiz conference focusing on the business of electronic music continues through June 7 at the Cosmopolitan, bringing with it a plethora of parties in conjunction with what is being dubbed “EDC Week” in Las Vegas. Check out Page 52 for the rundown.

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