Fan Facts and Fiction

Here are a few misconceptions you may have about the Electric Daisy Carnival, electronic dance music and EDM culture itself, debunked by local EDC attendees.

ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC FANS LISTEN TO EDM AND NOTHING ELSE. Not true. “Do pizza fans eat other kinds of food? Personally, I listen to everything,” says Joe Borusiewicz, who’s been attending EDC since 1999. And Shyloh H., a four-time EDC attendee, says, “Lots of times, DJs will drop straight-up rock tracks into their sets, and fans go just as wild.”

EDC ATTENDEES DRESS IN BAGGY PANTS AND LCD SHIRTS AND LOOK LIKE THE RAVERS OF OLD. Not true. “UFO pants went out with KikWear and Kangols years ago,” Borusiewicz says. “What defines ‘raver attire’ nowadays is much, much different. Many people go all-out on costumes, homemade or purchased, dress in theme with friends, or in general wear as little as possible to cope with the extreme temperatures.” Andrea Doig, attending her fourth EDC this year, adds, “The more colorful you are, the better.”

ALL ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC SOUNDS THE SAME. Not true. “There are so many different genres. It’s not that ‘unsk unsk’ stuff that it gets stereotyped with, and people need to realize that,” Doig says. “There’s a lot of crappy EDM out there,” Shyloh H. says, “but when you start to get into the scene, you’ll find some amazing songwriting and compositions with heart.”

PEOPLE ATTEND EDC BASICALLY TO HOOK UP. Unverified. “It’s 300,000 scantily clad people at the party of a lifetime in Las Vegas—go nuts,” Borusiewicz says. “Not going to lie,” Doig says. “It is easy to find someone to hook up with, but you do not know where that person may have been.” And Shyloh H. offers another perspective entirely: “You’re gonna be all stinky and sweaty from dancing, so that’s a turnoff right there.”

THE TALENT FOR WORKING GLOW STICKS IS SOMETHING EDM FANS ARE BORN WITH. Not true. “You have to first master the basic figure-eight move and expand on that,” Shyloh H says. “There’s lots of YouTube videos that can show you different moves.”

EVERYONE AT EDC IS ON DRUGS. Not as true as it used to be. “Of course there are drugs; it’s a music festival,” Borusiewicz says. “Have to say, though, at festivals 12, 13 years ago it seemed everyone was messed up out of their minds. It’s nowhere near as bad anymore. You actually encounter sober partiers quite regularly.”

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