Kim takes rare turn at Rehab

And here we thought that the biggest obstacle to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s love would be that the last time West was in town he DJ’d at Light Group/Butter’s 1 Oak, while Kardashian was firmly entrenched with the Tao Group for all her club-hosting gigs.

June 3, though, saw a rare non-Tao/Marquee appearance when Kardashian led the way at the Hard Rock Hotel’s Rehab. Look, both she and West put their houses up for sale, and she’s got to be able to help pay for a potential dream mansion/recording studio somehow. Do you know how much it costs to maintain a basketball court for when Jay-Z might bring the Nets over to run shooting drills for everyone’s amusement? A girl’s got to keep her name out there.

Kardashian turned up at the pool party in a black dress—no swimsuit. We’d normally just assume that meant she was a little self-conscious but, you know, come on. Though maybe she’s just shy because no one has invented a real-time, life-size Photoshop filter yet.

So let’s see. If she didn’t develop a sudden bout of modesty, maybe that means … that means … You guys! She’s totally pregnant with Yeezy’s baby. It makes sense. Everyone knows you don’t wait too long to have a Kris Humphries spite-baby.

OK, fine. Kim Kardashian is not pregnant with Kanye West’s child. But that rumor is going to start up no matter what within eight to 12 weeks. You may as well get a jump on it now.

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