Madison sticking around

Rest assured, Holly Madison fans. After Las Vegas’ spokesbombshell confirmed she’d be ending her run at Planet Hollywood’s Peepshow come Dec. 30, she Tweeted that she would remain in town. There’s no word yet on what her future employment might be, but there’s one thing that seems like a natural fit: She’s no stranger to reality TV, and Pawn Stars is a little too much of a sausagefest. Make it happen, History Channel.

Before Floyd Mayweather surrendered to authorities for the start of his three-month sentence at the Clark County Detention Center, he snapped pictures of himself getting a pedicure. We’re guessing no one’s going to call him on it in the yard.

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Skrillex brings in the usual suspects


Skrillex brings in the usual suspects

By Jason Scavone

Even our Academy Award winners are listening to dubstep. Even beyond the ones you’d expect, we mean, like Jamie Foxx. And Christopher Plummer. Benicio del Toro was at Tryst on May 26 to check out wub-wub wunderkind Skrillex, keeping a low profile at the bar instead of being all flashy and rocking a table or the dance floor. No, he left “being all flashy on the dance floor” to Christopher Mintz-Plasse. Kind of del Toro to recognize that McLovin needed the attention.