ScHoolBoy Q

Body English at the Hard Rock, May 31

Nearly three hours of opening acts and an earsplitting sound system could have ruined ScHoolBoy Q’s show before it even started. But fans stuck it out, and all was forgiven when Q emerged onstage at 12:30 a.m. with his trademark bucket hat. The 25-year-old rapper delivered a rowdy performance filled with expletive-laced crowd favorites, including “Nightmare on Figg St.” and “There He Go.” He wafted through a self-produced marijuana cloud over the more tranquil “iBETiGOTSUMWEED” and later sought a fan to perform the rambunctious “Druggys wit Hoes” with him. After two consecutive fans flubbed the lyrics and were unceremoniously booted, a fellow named “Lucky” finally nailed it and gained the crowd’s approval. Although his set was cut short because the venue was only scheduled until 1 a.m., Q’s energetic closing performance of “Hands on the Wheel” had his supporters bopping jubilantly out of the casino. It was well worth the wait … and the temporary hearing damage. ★★★☆☆