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RE-SOULED: The Hard Rock Hotel is serious about stealing back some of that evening traffic from the Cosmopolitan’s pool area. This weekend alone they’ve programmed two shows aimed at the crowd that once called the Hard Rock a second home. The first, a June 8 poolside concert by Collective Soul ($43), is one for the ’90s kids—all grown up, but with memories of Woodstock ’94 still resonating. If you haven’t kept up with Collective Soul since their popularity evaporated in the late 1990s—and why would you have?—be advised that Collective Soul’s original guitarist Ross Childress left the band 11 years ago. Will it matter when “Shine” kicks in and the Woodstock ’94 generation loses its damn mind with joy? Probably not.

STILL THE BOMB: The following night, June 9, brings the B-52s to The Joint at the Hard Rock ($46). To call the B-52s “an ’80s group” is underselling them: While it’s true the band is of that decade, this wonderful postpunk party band exists outside of time. Our grandchildren will enjoy “Rock Lobster,” “Legal Tender” and “Planet Claire” every bit as much as we do, and some of them may even think these songs were made 10 minutes ago. The only difference between our descendants and us is that we can actually see the real, live B-52s now—still partying, still perfect.

NOW ON SALE: If he’d wanted to form a band around himself back in the ’90s, Seal could have taken the name “Collective Soul” and really made it mean something. Even now he could seize the mantle of the late, great Barry White. Like White, Seal has a voice made for R&B, and like White, his records have gotten countless people laid. He’ll perform some choice aphrodisiacs at the Pearl on Aug. 4 ($59-$89), with similarly gifted R&B powerhouse Macy Gray opening the show.

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Young the Giant

By Craig Asher Nyman

You’d think Young the Giant would relish the opportunity to graduate from the Cosmo’s Book & Stage to a headlining show at the rooftop pool. But if not for the liveliness of the set’s final song, “My Body,” and radio singles “Cough Syrup” and “Apartment,” the indie rockers would have completely lacked their usual energetic firepower. The feeling was a bit flat as the quintet coasted through tracks off their 2010 self-titled debut album during their 14-song set. A playful rendition of R.