Follow the Black Dot

There’s a large black dot tattooed on the back of Richie Hawtin’s hand. It reminds me of the portable holes in the cartoons that Wile E. Coyote would put on a canyon wall and suddenly be able to walk through. Or enter. Which is precisely what Hawtin encourages his audience to do with his latest concept when he takes over the Cosmic Meadow stage Saturday at Electric Daisy Carnival, and when he launches his summer residency at Space in Ibiza. The techno pioneer, producer, innovator – and apparently also trained sake sommelier – dished about ENTER. over sake and sashimi at Shibuya at MGM Grand.


If we just start with the name ‘enter,’ I feel that when you enter a club you’re really putting yourself under the control of the DJ… By booking their ticket, they’re already anticipating leaving their normal lives and they’re looking for an experience; they’re looking to escape into somewhere. So ENTER. is about getting people to a place where they can enter, and hopefully experience something they’ve never experienced before, [that is] first grounded in music, and hopefully through the night also walk through doorways they’ve never been through.

So that’s really the concept, to let go of one’s self, kind of get lost in a new experience and walk out the next morning with something that maybe changed you in a way, whether it’s the song, the sake, or the experience and that it’s significant enough that you remember
it for the rest of your life.

ENTER. after Plastikman

ENTER. was a natural progression after Plastikman. At the end of last year I knew Plastikman was going to go hiatus for a year, year and a half, and ENTER. grew out of that because I needed to do something like this for some festival shows. We needed a good team, so my lighting and sound team from Plastikman and all the shows we did before, like Contakt. We were used to doing these festival things, and I had been doing it myself either as Hawtin or Plastikman, so we said why don’t we use that team and invite other DJs to use that team over the whole night and try to create something a bit more cohesive.

Originally it was just some stages at EDC and a couple other things. [The residency concept for] Ibiza kind of snuck up behind us. It just kind of just happened and Ibiza became an even bigger concept than what we first thought. But it’s all connected, like Vegas becoming an important hub for an electronic music – a relatively cheesy, but an important hub – Ibiza has always been an important hub so I feel like it’s very important to be in those places to give people something different.

ENTER. at Electric Daisy Carnival.

So really at Daisy we’re bringing our sound guys, our lighting guys, our visual guys, we plug into what they have for their equipment, we give a different visual feeling with those components, we’re bringing people who have traveled with me for the past five or six years,
kind  of the same team that does Plastikman. We can plug into the same system as any of the other guys who are playing here and it’s suddenly completely different.

So it’s that, the programming of the DJs we’ve invited, and I hope it’s also the feeling that people will get from seeing us hanging out and playing together and not necessarily playing back to back. It’s supposed to be a party. We want to bring the party back. We originally wanted a tent, but we couldn’t because it’s too warm here. But by the music and the lighting and by us being together and having fun, we want to bring that immersive feeling, that club experience. It’s going to be hard to get, but I hope we at least be one or two steps closer to that because
everybody else is just voom voom voom.