Top 10 favorite random moments at EDC 2012 on Friday (in no particular order)

1. I’m on a boat. Apparently anyone can climb all-aboard the S.S.
Something-or-other art-car and chill while the DJ spins.

2. Fire starter. Hands-on pyrotechnic control by attendees at the flaming tower sculpture near
the Circuit Grounds.

3. One long, lone string of purple balloons floating in the wind overhead with
twinkling lights and running the length of the entire speedway.

4. Oh no, Omma! Looks like things didn’t go as planned for this art instillation.
The video screen head didn’t make it on top of the baby torso and legs, though
if you didn’t know, it probably wouldn’t matter. The video screen was cool
enough by itself for Instagram photo ops.

5. Guerilla marketing, chalkboard style. An addition to the
grounds this year, helpful signs throughout Las Vegas Motor Speedway were also chalkboards complete
with chalk to encourage attendees to get creative — or in my case, try to get
some new Twitter followers.

6. Dots, dots and more dots. One fascinating art
installation was a whole
room, almost like a stage set, but done completely in white. From the potted
plant to sofa and even a TV, the pristine area was then colorized by assorted
colors and sizes of circular stickers that anyone could walk up and stick to anything
in the area.

7. The monkeys, of course. At first I thought the zoetrope
wasn’t working as the suspended sculptures and strobes to make them appear to
move wasn’t syncing up, but then it turns out it’s people beneath the monkeys
drumming that increases the spinning speed.

8. Laughing at girls who wore heels to EDC. Um, I was
wearing my trusty Converse, and even by the end of walking around for 10 hours,
I was screaming for some Dr. Scholl’s insoles.

9. People wearing clothes. Though there were plenty of tutus
and bikini tops—plus shirtless boys—I was pleasantly surprised at the lack of
strategically placed electrical tape and faux flowers. Though at 8 a.m. when I
was STILL trying to get out of the parking lot (side note, Insomniac: Please get people to direct cars on the way out), I did spot a pair of sparkly tassels on
a nearly flat-chested lass wandering in the morning sun.

10. The tramps. As in trampoline performers bouncing around
near the Discovery stage with a group cheering them on — though I wanted to join
them. Here’s hoping for an interactive trampoline area next year?