B*tches love Cake at EDC

Borgore, once considered “the man who ruined dubstep,” served up forty minutes of dirty, filthy, neck-breaking beats out of an ice cream truck he calls the Cream Machine. His new show premiered Friday at Neon Garden at the Electric Daisy Carnival in front of thousands of his gorestep loving fans.

Video art of ice cream and other treats ran across the façade of the life-size LED truck. But I also witnessed a dancing chicken and a video clip of someone washing dishes. Cinnabon made an appearance when Borgore jumped on the mic and played his version of Benny Benassi’s “Cinema.” “You are a Cinnabon. I can eat you forever. Drop the cake!” Who needs go-gos when you can have pole dancers? Most of the girls there were dressed like them anyway. And the two on stage had tricks. To the guys in the audience, consider it Borgore’s gift to you.

When he dropped his new single “Decisions,” the crowd went wild screaming “bitches love cake.” And in case they weren’t already having the time of their lives, the ice cream cones at the front of the stage finished the fans with a white substance. I got hit and after a couple of sniffs, I came to the conclusion it was shaving cream—I think.