High Winds Temporarily Stop EDC

At approximately 12:30 a.m. on June 10, the Las Vegas Motor Speedway fell silent. At Electric Daisy Carnival’s Kinetic Field, a British voice came over the speakers saying due to the high winds, for everyone’s safetly they needed to temporarily shut down the stage and move away from the area.

As the largest temporary structure in the company, Insomniac’s concerns are vaild.

Earlier in the evening when the wind kicked up, a large daisy sculpture appeared as if it had blown over.

Festival attendees are being asked to move to the grand stands until it is determined if the wind will die down and it is safe to continue.

Thusfar, it is a peaceful scene with attendees moving to the stands to hopefully wait it out and continue dancing.

*UPDATE 2 a.m.: An announcement was made at the Cosmic Meadow and fans cheered. Though difficult to hear, fans have moved back into the LVMS and music can be heard booming again from at least one stage.

*UPDATE 6:50 a.m.: EDC continued in some form until dawn. Read the recap of the evening here.