Top 10 favorite random moments at EDC 2012 on Saturday (in no particular order)

Wind be damned. Though high winds at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway forced a shut down of the seven large stages due to safety concerns for attendees on the second night of the 2012 Electric Daisy Carnival, Insomniac Events sprung into gear to save the party.

Though there was about an hour of silence as attendees were asked to move to the grand stands, the bass once again started bumping around 2 a.m. over in the bamboo area just off the Cosmic Meadow (I’m thinking maybe just scrap using the stages if the wind continues on Sunday and just have the DJs spin in the stands and throw some lights up on there). And from all accounts, everyone remained on good behavior and went with the flow. Next came the two art cars around to the same side and kept the party going. While many attendees decided to file out and call it an early one—or head to EDC-related parties on the Strip—those dedicated fans who remained were in for a special treat as Markus Schulz took to the decks of the ship-like art car for a set, followed by Steve Aoki to close out the night for the decent-sized crowd that didn’t need fancy visuals or the best sound system to have a good time. If that wasn’t enough, here are 10 highlights from the evening.

1. BYOT: Bring Your Own Tree? A Guy at the Circuit Grounds brought his own inflatable palm tree as his date.

2. Fireplace fun: I figured out I fit in a fireplace for a photo op over at the white room art instillation.

3. Have you found Cedric? Because Marquee Nightclub resident DJ Keidy was mistaken for him a few times at the VIP bottle service area.

4. Sneakers: Really?!?!? You wore high heels to a massive music festival, and now your feet hurt? WTF were you thinking?

5. My sweatshirt: Thanks to my ability to look at the weather in advance, I wasn’t left shivering when the temps dropped. Probably a great night for the merchandise booths and hoodie sales.

6. Jason “JROC” Craig (a Vegas nightlife vet and co-star of The Pauly D Project) pulling me on to the disco-bus art car and giving us all a little pole-dance show while Holly Madison and Josh Strickland from Peepshow looked on — then Strickland got in on the action, too.

7. Ground Control: Insomniac’s crew to keep an eye out for attendees bringing cases of water to those left dancing.

8. Complimentary cheese puffs courtesy of a girl with a Costco-size container of them.

9. What may have started as no big deal for DJ Equip in a tiny gypsy carriage-like booth by the bamboo structures turned into a shining moment with more people dancing in that area than he probably ever anticipated.

10. Steve Aoki closing out and dumping anything he could get his hands on over the heads of those closest to the art car, including but not limited to: cakes, Gatorade, water, his shirt, himself (and then his signature crowd surfing in an inflatable boat).