Top 10 favorite random moments at EDC 2012 on Sunday (in no particular order)

1. Mother Nature learning to chill and the last day of Electric Daisy Carnival appearing to go off without a hitch (unlike Saturday’s wind storm).

2. Armin van Buuren making it up to the TranceFamily since his Saturday night set on the Circuit Ground/A State of Trance stage was canceled due to weather, thus adding an extra set on Sunday besides his Kinetic Field set later on in the evening.

3. Two words: Carl Cox.

4. Casually strolling and going with the flow on the last day, knowing you’ll probably run into someone you know eventually.

5. DJs doing locale shoutouts, i.e. “If you’re from California, make some noise!” “RARW!!!!!!!” “If you’re from Vegas, make some noise!!!” “Mep.” (Sounded like 80/20 to me.)

6. Before Armin’s second set of the night, the Kinetic Field paying tribute to DJ AM and showing snippets from his last EDC set a few years ago.

7. Also, multiple Beastie Boys tributes to MCA.

8. “Looking like a fool with yo’ pants on the ground.” No, really, I found a pair of blue jeans by the Kinetic Field stage at the end of the night, if anyone is wondering why they’re naked.

9. Double the fireworks: Hey, they paid for three nights of fireworks, so may as well go all out with the extras that couldn’t be used Saturday night.

10. A T-shirt draped over the shoulders of an attendee walking away from the Las Vegas Motor Speedway on Las Vegas Boulevard, perfectly summing up the last night: Yes, I know it’s Monday.