The Joint at The Hard Rock Hotel, June 9

Sure it was a little disappointing to have this would-be poolside concert moved indoors. But these iconic rockers made up for it with a solid show, even if the production seemed a tad flat. Fred Schneider’s spoken vocals sounded just as good as ever, and his use of a glockenspiel on “Give Me Back My Man” was priceless. Keith Strickland’s surf guitar riffs were consistently right throughout the set. Kate Pierson, on tambourine and maracas, and Cindy Wilson, on bongos, showed they are still the cat’s meow, looking and sounding great. After an evening that sometimes seemed a little low on energy, the band pumped up their game to end with a lively encore performance of “Rock Lobster.” The only thing missing was sand between your toes. ★★☆☆☆