The Lawless Cycle Rolls On

Upset with the popo?

There’s more than one way to register your concern and/or outrage.

A) You can file a complaint with Metro’s Citizen Review Board, which was formed in 1997 to provide “independent civilian oversight” of charges of police misconduct. The board can recommend disciplinary action or additional training for the officers in question.

B) You can wait for the stymied Coroner’s Inquest process to chew on a portion of the facts about the incident in question and then absolve the officer, as it’s done more than 100 times.

C) You can take the matter to Metro’s new Office of Internal Oversight, which was created in February to address public dissatisfaction with item (B).

Or …

D) You can challenge the officer in question to a cage fight, as Steve Sanson, president of Veterans in Politics, did on June 5. Sanson, who served as a U.S. Marine, challenged Metro Officer Jesus Arevalo to a mixed martial arts fight in response to Arevalo’s fatal shooting of unarmed, disabled veteran Stanley Gibson in December.

On Dec. 12, Arevalo shot Gibson in the back of the head with an assault rifle as Gibson sat in his car, blocked in an apartment complex parking lot by other Metro officers. Gibson’s mother recently filed a civil suit against Metro, but Sanson doesn’t want to wait for his justice and 15 minutes of fame. He’s hired a promoter and pledged to give “most of the proceeds” to families of deceased veterans and cops.

Arevalo, who remains on paid administrative leave, didn’t immediately respond to the invitation for an ass-kicking.