The Romantics

South Point, June 9

As co-headliners at this year’s JuneFest, the Romantics tried their damndest to get the mildly buzzed crowd up and moving. The band’s two founders, Wally Palmar and Mike Skill, along with 1981 add-on guitarist Coz Canler and energetic drummer Brad Elvis, pounded away at a string of their Kinks-inspired, pop-blues-punk repertoire, with its recurring themes of unrequited lust. Songs only die-hard fans might remember such as “Little White Lies” and “Rock You Up” hammered impotently at the lethargic audience. The half-full floor seats finally saw some action when the band pulled out the candy-coated creeper “Talking in Your Sleep,” after which Palmer sniped, “Oh, you know that one, do you?” and then drifted back into a Budweiser-induced stupor until roused by the predictable finale of “What I Like About You.” ★★☆☆☆