Touching Me, Touching You


During a 2007 visit to Albania, President George W. Bush had a watch stolen right off his wrist in broad daylight. A crowd of grateful Albanians leaned over the barrier to shake his hand, and one came away feeling even more grateful. There are several things one can take away from this event, many of them shrilly partisan … but the lesson that stands out to me, and to the Beware of Pickpockets blog, is that the light touch can catch anyone unaware; it doesn’t matter if you’re surrounded by news cameras and Secret Service. (A video of the Bush incident appears on the blog, and for the life of me I can’t tell who took the watch.) While Beware of Pickpockets can’t get Bush his watch back, it can help you avoid becoming a victim yourself. With precise detail, the site’s unnamed author patiently explains how pickpockets work, and more importantly, how to thwart them. The Secret Service can’t help you, but sticking a comb in your wallet can: The teeth will catch on the fabric of your pocket lining, anchoring the wallet in place. Do you want to keep your valuables? Read this blog.