Bobby Vinton

Eastside Cannery, June 16

Dapper 77-year-old, ’60s pop icon Bobby Vinton has more charm, grace and energy than some rockers half his age. Never flagging, his routine was versatile, fast and pitched perfectly to the sold-out house. So what if he pulled more than a few sentimental gratuities out of his bag? He did so without affectation or cynicism. He powered through the evening cracking jokes, soloing on trumpet, alto sax and clarinet, and whipping through medleys of his own hits over the past 50 years, including “Roses Are Red” and Bob Seger’s “Old Time Rock and Roll.” He never stopped moving and repeatedly trotted down deep into the throng to pose for pictures and happily hug, kiss and dance with as many women who could possibly throw themselves at him.

Accompanied by his daughter Hannah and son Robbie, and backed by local stalwart Lon Bronson and his orchestra, Vinton gave us “Mr. Lonely,” “Blue On Blue” and the now-classic “Blue Velvet,” made satisfyingly edgy by David Lynch’s movie. This cat never stopped except to make room for his daughter to show off her voice, later joining her for a powerful rendition of The Phantom of the Opera theme. ★★★★☆

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