Mike Tyson has a new BFF

We can accept that Gene Simmons was running out of random crap on which he could slap a KISS logo and market as a novelty. That’s how you end up with Hello Kitty KISS toilet paper. Not because there was an army of very regular young Japanese girls who also love “Detroit Rock City.”

What we can’t figure out is why Mike Tyson was so stoked about it.

Tyson, Simmons and wife Shannon Tweed were at KISS by Monster Mini Golf on June 13 to show off the new rolls. Tyson looked so excited you’d have thought someone told him Michael Spinks was in the house demanding a rematch.

It’s just one more sign that the Mayans were right—when Tyson and Simmons are getting together to celebrate toilet paper, the world is officially out of new things to offer us. Time to pack it in.

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