O’Day Brings Some Color at Rehab

Sometimes, you have to bask in your 15 minutes of fame. And sometimes, you have to bask for 15 minutes in a fire-hose-strength blast of spray tan. If you’re Aubrey O’Day, apparently you can do both.

The Celebrity Apprentice Trump victim was at Rehab on June 17, sporting a look that had much in common with Julius. Not, we should point out, Caesar. O’Day looked like she’d been dipped in Dorito dust, rubbed down with yams and stuffed full of candy corn.

She was a little orange is what we’re trying to say.

But any amateur could go overboard on bronzer—especially in the Jersey Shore era. What really separated O’Day from the herd was her swimsuit that had a giant airbrushed tiger on it, like she pulled the side-panel off a ’72 Econoline and shaped it into a monokini.

Not content to be the only one on the Rehab red carpet to look completely ridiculous, O’Day dressed up her dogs—Ginger and Marryann (of @AllAboutGinger and @AllAboutMarry fame)—in bikinis. Have you ever seen a dog contemplate drowning itself at a hotel pool party? Because that was your chance right there.

By the time she made her way up to the turntables to fiddle with Eric D-Lux’s knobs and buttons, she had already Tweeted out, “Me and @ericdlux looking like Barbie and Ken ;)!” Nightmare of emoticons aside, that must have made D-Lux feel wonderful, to be lumped in with that plastic facsimile of a human being—and also Barbie.

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